Independent Financial Advice

Independent Financial advice is critical to optimizing access to capital markets for infrastructure finance, especially in emerging market countries.

The globalization of capital markets bring significant opportunities and challenges to infrastructure finance. Many national and local governments in emerging market countries are now seeking to expand their access to capital markets have become broader, deeper and more complex.

An independent financial advisor can assist governments in reducing their costs of capital for projects using all of the financial products and markets available to major corporations. Bond insurance, interest rate swaps and guaranteed investment agreements are among the products available to governments today seeking to optimize their cost of capital.

Governments in the United States have benefited from working with an independent financial advisor as their guide and advocate in the highly developed municipal bond market for more than forty years. The expertise of an independent financial advisor can assist emerging market governments to achieve the most efficient infrastructure capitalization from a range of financial products.

Keys to Lower Capital
An independent financial advisor, independently owned and without any ties to banks or other financial service providers-assists governments from the development of their comprehensive financial plans for infrastructure through execution and  closing of their financings.

  • Governments must find ways to balance the burden of paying for infrastructure projects and current operating costs.
  • To lower the cost of money governments need a strong credit profile. Public Capital Advisors helps secure a strong credit profile.
  • Public Capital Advisors organizes competitions to optimize offerings from bankers and providers of credit enhancement.
  • Public Capital Advisors prepares governments for financial planning and presentations to maximize their credit strengths and mitigate the effects of their credit challenges.
  • Public Capital Advisors helps governments find lenders or investors who will provide the money needed for infrastructure projects.
  • Public Capital Advisors guides issuers through intense negotiations over interest rates, fees and terms and conditions of financing.
  • Public Capital Advisors helps governments to get the money they need for infrastructure projects at the lowest possible costs.
  • Public Capital Advisors has strong relationships with key players in national banks, international banks and multinational banks.

In globalized capital markets, commercial banks and investment banks sell their products and services. Each bank has its own packaging of financial products and services. The independent financial advisor works directly with governments and their bankers to reduce the costs for these products and services and to structure them in ways that meet each government’s unique requirements.