Cultivating relationships with investors, rating agencies and credit enhancers.

Governments which cultivate long-term relationships with investors, rating  agencies and credit enhancers enjoy lower cost of capital.

The credit strength of any particular project or government is the key to the cost of capital. Public Capital Advisors helps governments to present their credit stories effectively.

Long-term relationships with out clients are the key to their success in the capital markets.

Securities Sales

Public Capital Advisors assists governments in getting the best prices for securities sold for infrastructure.

By optimizing the credit strengths of a Government and drawing on a wide range of contacts in the capital markets, Public Capital Advisors, can negotiate aggressively for that government to obtain the lowest cost of capital.

Obtaining the best price for securities for infrastructure involves many factors including timing of markets and the experience to find optimal prices given competing interests between the desire for the lowest cost of capital and the need to be certain that sales of securities will be successful.

Public Capital Advisors wants its clients to be sure that their securities have been sold to reliable, long-term investors who will be receptive to the clients ongoing capital needs.

Underwriters and Lenders

From serving as financial advisors on over $10 billion of financing for infrastructure over the last 20 years, Joel Motley has significant contacts with bankers and credit analysts in the United States and other countries. These contacts keep them current on major developments in a wide range of capital markets.

International Support

Identification of potential companies for public/private partnerships.

There are a number of international financial institutions which provide capital for infrastructure projects including the World Bank and the Interamerican Development Bank.

Through Carole Brookins, former Executive Director of the World Bank for the United states, Public Capital Advisors has significant relationships with decision makers at the World Bank, the Interamerican Development Bank and related institutions.

Designing a Financial Plan

We will develop a comprehensive financial plan based on your needs.

The most important step in the financing process is the development of a comprehensive financial plan which begins with a clear understanding of the project at hand.
The plan will show if the local government can afford to build, operate and maintain the project and what type of financing the project and the local government can support.

The plan will help the local government to make adjustments as change happens with project costs, operating expenses or other key features over time.

Public Capital Advisors helps governments collect and use information for the Plan. Public Capital Advisors puts the information into a financial model which can be adjusted as key financial features change over time.

Credit Rating

We can help with the acquisition of the highest possible credit rating.

A credit rating, issued by a credit rating agency, gives the world an estimate of the financial strength of the project and/or the local government that is sponsoring the project.

The credit rating comes with a report which discusses all of the main financial features of the project: cost, operating expenses, revenues, and construction risks.

The higher the credit rating, the lower the cost of borrowing money for the project. A strong credit rating will also help the local government to get funding from the national government and from international financial institutions.

Public Capital Advisors helps the local government to prepare for presentations to the rating agencies. These presentations will help the local government to obtain the highest possible credit rating.

Credit Enhancement

We have broad experience negotiating favorable terms for credit enhancement.

Many local governments lower the cost of borrowing money for infrastructure by getting a bank or insurance company to guarantee the repayment of bonds and loans.

Public Capital Advisors help local governments to decide if the cost of the credit enhancement is worthwhile.

A government’s credit profile tells the world a story about its financial stability and its infrastructure project.

Public Capital Advisors helps governments to present their credit stories to providers of credit enhancement in much the same way that it helps governments to tell their stories to ratings agencies.

Private Sources

Negotiation with private companies for public/private partnerships.

Finding Private Sources
When local governments decide that the cash they have in hand is insufficient to pay for a large infrastructure project, Public Capital Advisors helps them to decide how much of the project cost they can borrow and from whom.

Our Sources of funds include:

  • National Government
  • Local Government
  • Local Banks
  • National Banks
  • International Banks
  • Multilateral Banks
  • International Financial Institution


Public Capital Advisors has strong relationships with key players in each of these funding sources and can help governments get the money they need for infrastructure projects at the lowest possible costs.

Public Capital Advisors believes that when banks compete governments get better terms and better interest rates.